2018 Roundup and Plans/Goals for 2019

I feel like it’s always a little dangerous writing these but here we go anyways!

2018 was a very strange eventful year that, sadly, didn’t quite end on the highest of notes. (RE: my last personal post)

There are some things to be proud of though!

Accomplishments this year!

  • Early March I decided to try and be a little healthier. Started up some medication for a medical condition and began to exercise and eat a little better.
    Despite not having kept up with it lately, I’m proud at how much weight i’ve lost and I hope I can feel more comfortable in my skin.

  • Started baking more! Seems silly, coming from the daughter of a baker, but I never really did a lot of my own baking.
    I ended up making things I didn’t think I would end up learning to make. (Cake rolls, french bread, even macarons!) I gifted some to friends as well. I can’t (or rather, shouldn’t,) eat too many pastries, so I might as well bake for others.

  • My twin and I bought a house! A huge and scary step in both of our lives. I love it!
    It’s kind of hard to believe we have a house now. It’s been equal parts awesome and stressful but it’s well worth the trouble!

  • I re-registered for classes again! I’ll be starting a new semester in a few weeks.

Goals for 2019

  • Cutting down social media. Honestly, it’s more of a problem than I’d like to admit. I could definitely improve my life by cutting my sns usage by even 30%.

  • Streaming! It’s fun and I think it would be fun to do more of it! Games, drawing, I don’t know yet, but I miss doing more of it! I’m hoping next year I get more of a fixed schedule but, working with family sometimes steals more time away than I would like.

  • Not chickening out of school! I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with school. I’m honestly terrified to go back, but I want to do this. I want to have a degree.

  • Art Improvement! This is a goal every year. I think this is the goal that never stops going away.

  • Time Management! Another important one. I get discouraged when my schedule feels unpredictable. This ties in a little bit with social media cutting because I feel like I waste time looking at twitter on my phone.

I feel like I should have a little more to say but, this post is already a little late and I probably shouldn’t dwell on how nicely written it is.

Here’s to a better New Year!