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Commission Status: Open!

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I'm currently only limiting commissions to two options

=Portrait (Chest or Waist up) Painting (no Background/simple color background)
 $40 (extra charge may be included depending on complexity, additional $5 for extra characters)

=Full Body (no background/simple color background)

$50 (extra charge may be included depending on complexity)

+ $5 for every extra character added to a painting

Commissions can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on complexity and work load. If you want your commission by a certain date, please tell me in advance and we can work something out.

I am accepting payments through paypal only!

Please do not pay me immediately, I will send you an invoice. If I receiveee no response or payment within a week (7 days from when I e-mail you back) then I can drop your spot in my commission slots.

When you do a payment through paypal make sure that you list the payment as a good (not donation or gift)

Additionally, I would prefer you not add anything to the comment section of the paypal transaction to avoid anything that can get both paypal accounts flagged. Just keep it blank.

Additional Information

  • I Only draw SFW things for now! (I can do some nudity, but nothing explicit)
  • I have the right to deny any commission offer
  • Commission slots are first come first serve


If you want to commission me, just e-mail me at and title it as “Commission Offer” It’s easier for me to keep them organized and save them properly. 


Things I want included in the e-mail are

  • What sort of commission you want 
  • Specify what color of background you’d like 
  • several reference pictures (especially for anything detailed)
  • Any other details 

Feel free to e-mail me about any other questions or to check up on the status of your commission, I really don’t mind it! (I highly encourage it)

Thank you!

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*Title as, Commission Offer
*Waist up *Full Body
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